Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baroque Dub Mixtape Fourteen [bdmx0014]

Staring out, bleary eyed.

Apologies for the delayed release of this month's mixtape... it's been a hectic, hyper-busy time at baroquedub mansions with the death of a much loved laptop, the start of a new job and the purchase of a new house. There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

But, as usual, the kind words of thanks and encouragement from listeners around the world have reminded me why I do this and made me find time for another round of lovingly crafted music mixing.

My thanks to you all. Keep the emails coming and I'll keep bringing out the mixtapes.

At just under one and a half hours in length this new instalment in the baroquedub mixtape series is expertly timed to last for the entire length of my new commute into work. Worthing to London (for anyone in the UK) isn't a bad train journey but it certainly needs plenty of quality music to make the time pass...

Starting off in a bleary eyed meditative mood, Loop Guru's Third Chamber represents one of the best sunrise ragas I've yet heard from the new school of world-music samplists. Light, spacey drum & bass picks up the pace with exemplary remix contributions from PFM and Spring Heel jack. Who'd have thought it? Already nearly half way through and by this time my brain's in gear enough to cope with some vocals and Money Mark's right on the button with a bitter sweet ditty just made for those early morning blues. Staring out the train window and the mind starts to wander again, off into exotic lands with beats and breaks courtesy of Krush, and assorted Ninja luminaries. DDR and Quantic keep it on the down-low before Andrea Parker's pristine glacial production emerges from the Vienna school's cotton wool world skank. This one's dedicated to Mr. Nic Napalm - the best work music DJ anyone could ask for (how I miss the erudite eclecticism of his office playlists!) By now we're getting ready for business... Parisian electro-punk-influenced house blows away the last of the cobwebs followed by Dark Globe's breakbeat missive. Then the sheer quality of Drexciya's timeless Digital Tsunami prepares for Maps' Back and Forth soft landing. A great anthemic ending designed to set you up for the day.


[01] Loop Guru - The Third Chamber (00:00)
[02] Akasha - Brown Sugar (PFM's Cosmic Journey Mix) (21:01)
[03] Outernational Meltdown - Hungry on Arival (Spring Heel Jack Remix) (26:41)
[04] Money Mark - Cry (35:20)
[05] DJ Krush - Still Island (with Shuuzan Morita) (37:12)
[06] Up, Bustle and Out - The Revolutionary Woman of the Windmill, Part 1 (La Bandolera) (41:24)
[07] Orbital Experience - DDR (Freedom Satellite Dub) (45:31)
[08] Paine - Bene (Quantic Mix) (53:17)
[09] Andrea Parker - Empty Words (58:11)
[10] Digitalism - Idealistic (62:19)
[11] Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation (65:16)
[12] Dark Globe - Some Say She's Retro (Instrumental) (69:23)
[13] Drexciya - Digital Tsunami (75:56)
[14] Maps - Back and Forth (81:16)

With thanks to the original artists for their music and inspiration.
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