Friday, November 27, 2009

The best of BaroqueDub Vol.1

And just when you thought xmas had come early and you'd already had all your presents, it gives me very great pleasure to offer you something a little bit extra for your stockings....

Daquta (aka DJ Samu44) got in touch recently asking if I'd mind if he made a best-of mix of his own, using selections from the various tracks that have appeared on the baroquedub mixtapes. Got to say I was honoured that someone cared enough to be that much of a fan! It's something I'd thought about doing many times, but never actually got round to doing...

The result is a truly inspired journey of epic dub proportions. Some of the tracks you'll have heard here before, others are new to me (exactly what the best mixtapes are all about!) and all are pure quality.

On its own merits this selection comes highly recommended to all baroquedub listeners but it's even more amazing when you find out that Daquta is none other than an 11 year old DJ from Norway. Nuff respect!

[go to Daquta's website for the tracklist ] And watch out for The Best of BaroqueDub Vol.2 which I'm told is coming out very soon...

Baroque Dub Mixtape Thirty Three [bdmx0033]

Maverick Renegade

Get ready, get set for another bumper pack selection of the usual baroquedub eclecticism.

We start off with a pair of uptempo Benny Page mixes designed to get you in the mood before halving the tempo into Oluge's Istanbul Yard. Chilled after the initial beats frenzy, but this mix isn't one for lying down and taking it easy - Roots Manuva Scruff's it up with a touch of electro ragga and the hip-hop pedigree continues with a Rae & Christian excursion into Faze Action reggae vibes. Little Jay and Rob the Viking step up with more down-the-line phat beats before Soha broadens our horizons with a heady mix of classic jazz vocals, Cap Verde reggae and Cuban rhumba.

Old punks will delight in Ari Up's recent return with a new album. Here The Slits' vocalist comes head-to-head with X.A. Cute in dark and dangerous mix with an unsurprisingly uncompromising lyrical turn. Scientist provides some much needed respite with a typically genius dub before Loopa Scava goes off to meet Cayetano, dancing to an intricate tango as the rains come, again. Now we're off on a whirlwind world adventure with Kokolo's Congo Bongo latino/afro-beat before heading back to more familiar Jamaican territory with Lightning Head (aka Bigga Bush From Rockers Hi-fi) featuring the vocal talents of Singing Bird. Then it's pure tribal dub of the highest calibre from Terrestre before Wareika Hill Sounds' reworking of Tony Allen takes things into truly psychedelic space. Irie!

Funkstörung (r.i.p!) on a surprise pop tip segues nicely into an inspired cut-up of the classic easy-listening gem 'Sway' - an effortless balance of the mainstream and experimental that Basemann Jaxx have been pulling off to great success for most of their career.

Shout out to the ever prolific Version Big-Fi whose releases are never short of pure quality. Here they represent courtesy of Papa Grey's perfect and timeless upfront dub. We're nearly home and dry; Uptown Selector's taking the sidewalk to more exotic places via Bajofondo's nuevo-Argentina and finally, take a flight of fancy with the cross-cultural glory of Don Cherry and Latif Khan's Air Mail (thanks to the b-side of Chin Chin's recent reworking).


[01] Benny Page - Can't Test (00:00)
[02] Kenny Ken - Everyman (Benny Page remix) (05:21)
[03] Oluge - Istanbul Yard (10:17)
[04] Mr Scruff - Nice Up The Function (feat. Roots Manuva)(14:12)
[05] Rae & Christian - Hold Us Down feat. The Congos (Faze Action reggae remix) (17:45)
[06] Little Jay - Night (21:57)
[07] Rob The Viking - Go For Mine (27:47)
[08] Soha - Serre Moi Fort Si Tu M'Aimes (32:22)
[09] Ari Up vs X. A. Cute - Me Done (34:43)
[10] Scientist - The Man Never Immetiate Always Orriginate (39:45)
[11] Loopa Scava meets Cayetano - The Rain Comes Again (42:18)
[12] Kokolo - Congo Bongo (47:37)
[13] Lightning Head - Me And Me Princess (Vocal) (51:16)
[14] Terrestre - Secondary Inspection Theme (54:36)
[15] Tony Allen - Ise Nia (Reggae Land Dub) (A rework by Wareika Hill Sounds) (61:14)
[16] Funkstörung - I Want Some Fun (66:26)
[17] The Rip-Off Artist feat. Dean Martin and Julie London - Sway (Remix) (71:05)
[18] Basemann Jaxx - Gimme Somethin True (feat. Jose James) (75:46)
[19] Papa Grey - The Perfect Crime Dub [Version Big-Fi DUBTREC-012] (80:27)
[20] Uptown Selector - Sidewalk Dub (83:29)
[21] Bajofondo - Pa'Bailar-Bailarin En El Tren (88:37)
[22] Don Cherry and Latif Khan - Air Mail (92:34)

With thanks to the original artists for their music and inspiration.
Support them by buying their music.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baroque Dub Mixtape Thirty Two [bdmx0032] stereo repost

My apologies to the early adopters who downloaded the original version of this mixtape... I've just realised that the file had unfortunately been encoded in mono - oops!

Download again for an updated version in full stereophonic glory.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baroque Dub Mixtape Thirty Two [bdmx0032]

The Road Less Travelled

Back with a hatful of tricks after a long summer sabbatical. Inspired by festivals in Cuba and the UK, and following a request from Nuno Madaleno for a return to the global journey that was Mixtape 13, you'll find this latest installment to be quite a ride!

After the usual slow burning start, we turn up the heat with Brent Lewis' unique world beat before Peverist takes on the polyrhythmic challenge with a track that builds from IDM electronica to techdub anthem. By the time Sebbo's Watamu Beach kick in, the party's in full swing. We travel effortlessly from its tribal 4-to-the-floor to a glorious steppers rhythm from Polish (?) artist Kaunas and then take time to draw a breath for a choice dub of Burning Spear's Fittest of the Fittest.

Next up's a Russian fusion of reggae and rhumba (don't get fooled by the French and Portuguese vocals!) with the Green Point Orchestra's lament to a lost love that explores the meaning of the untranslatable Brazilian word 'soldade'. Time for some guidance to the promised land from the classic roots of The African Brothers with Sugar Minott on vocals and a fat dub courtesy of who else but King Tubby.

Rainbow Arabia, despite the name and the lyrics of this song represent from Echo Park, California. They're a great example of the kind of musical melting pot currently being fed by a younger generation of US kids like Vampire Weekend - teenagers who've obviously raided their parent's record collection and fallen in love with Paul Simon's Graceland. Best of all they're making it their own and having a ball. Then the tempo rises but the grooves slows to a sensuous grind with Bits & Pieces' Don't Stop The Music - a reggae funk workout with echoes of Bob Marley's Exodus and a great wiggout saxophone outro.

Now's your chance to get off if you're not in it for the long haul - Latinsizer's electro workout starts off innocently enough with a melodic ambience that would have made Drexciya proud. Before you know it the sparks are flying and electricity's in the air - a perfect occasion for Circuits' post-punk reggae skank to take over.

All of which segues neatly into a more laid back indie-ska number from The King Blues. Definitely time for a break in the chill out lounge with (according to their website) friends from Stockholm, Newcastle, San Francisco and Germany who all go under the name of Club des Belugas.

From Bristol via Scandinavia and fresh from a storming live set at the Shambala festival (thanks Chris, John and Dan - the 10th was the best so far!) come Lund. A Jazz quartet unafraid to experiment with turntables and theramins they come highly recommended - and criminally unsigned so you'll have to catch them live wherever you can... finally, a three note motif that reminded me of the Blade Runner soundtrack provides an excuse to drift off into a warm analogue sunset. Enjoy the ride!


[01] Syncom Data - Beyond the Stars (SD Mix) (00:00)
[02] Brent Lewis - High Humidity (05:12)
[03] Peverelist - The Grid (09:32)
[04] Sebbo - Watamu beach (15:08)
[05] Kaunas - Policeman (19:31)
[06] The Soul Syndicate - Fittest of the Dub (25:12)
[07] Nalepa - 4th of July (RND Remix) (27:56)
[08] The Green Point Orchestra - T... (33:18)
[09] African Brothers - Father Lead Us (edit) (40:32)
[10] African Brothers - Lead Us Dub (41:54)
[11] Rainbow Arabia - Harlem Sunrise (44:09)
[12] Bits & Pieces - Don't Stop The Music (47:24)
[13] Latinsizer - Dr Punkie (53:31)
[14] Circuits - Pistols at Dawn (57:20)
[15] The King Blues - Chimp in a 3 Piece Suit (60:33)
[16] Club des Belugas - Quatres Pieces Collées (Part 2) (62:46)
[17] Lund - Unknown (67:58)
[18] Vangelis - Fading Away (72:07)

With thanks to the original artists for their music and inspiration.
Support them by buying their music.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baroque Dub Mixtape Thirty One [bdmx0031]

A deep and joyful meditation

"Here I come, here I come"... It's straight in, no messing with Lee Perry's take on The Slickers' warning to the shotta bad boys - a selection many of you may know as an entirely different mix from the film 'The Harder they Come'. That's right, this one's my own celebration of Island Records' 50th! We're now in deep dub territory (Cultural Roots and an unknown french? white label) before Kromestar's modern interpretation of the old school acts as a perfect foil to Harry Mudie's visionary 'Dub with a Difference', a genre breaking mix of classical strings that sounds more like a DJ Shadow experiment than the 70s dub classic it actually is.

Then the first of two offerings from The Gladiators - a roots outfit who somehow never quite received the mainstream recognition they deserve - and back to more instrumental nuggets with Pete Chemist and a Bunny Lee production from I-Roy's Dread Baldhead LP. Stalwarts of the genre, Alpha & Omega, on a minimal tip, here represent for the UK soundsystem scene before Misty in Roots get us back to some ital lyricisms. Daweh Congo's not exactly blessed with the best of singing voices but there's a real charm this conscious sermon (nothing to do with the Nick Cave track of the same name!) and finally the Gladiators, again, show us how it's really done with more of their sublime harmonies.

An untitled track from The Soul Syndicate, arguably Jamaica's finest group of reggae instrumentalists takes the mix on a more upbeat slant before some Fresh Moods and the Digital Analog Band getting all Mystical with a joyful and breezy reggae-influenced lounge track perfect for getting in the mood for the summer festivals. More spirituality courtesy of Stefan Obermaier, an up and coming alumni of Kruder & Dorfmeister's Vienna school and another relatively unknown artist/producer well worth keeping a close eye on; A Man Called Pj, a friend from the ReggaeDubwise community who's 'Sound Like' (feat. Bongo Chilli) takes dancehall in all the right directions - conscious, fun and danceable.

All good things come to an end and as Abja's wonderfully slow groove dissolves into Tom Waits' hypnotic marimba it's time to take our leave. Until next time, enjoy.


[01] The Slickers & Lee Perry - Johnny Too Bad (Disco Style) (00:00)
[02] Cultural Roots - Ghetto People (06:16)
[03] Unknown (from the Se Dub compilation) (09:41)
[04] Kromestar - Demon Slayah (13:52)
[05] Harry Mudie - Dub with a Difference (18:30)
[06] The Gladiators - Chatty Mouth (21:09)
[07] Peter Chemist - Red Stripe Dub (24:08)
[08] I-Roy - Franco Nero (27:17)
[09] Alpha & Omega - Dub Flute (29:46)
[10] Misty in Roots - Poor & Needy (33:06)
[11] Daweh Congo - Mercy Seat (37:10)
[12] The Gladiators - Hearsay (40:37)
[13] The Soul Syndicate - Untitled (Live & Love/Dub Festival LP) (43:35)
[14] Fresh Moods - Big On (46:06)
[15] Digital Analog Band - Mystical (53:38)
[16] Razoof & O'Finken - Spirituality (Stefan Obermaier Dub) (59:00)
[17] A Man Called Pj - Sound Like (feat. Bongo Chilli) (64:52)
[18] Abja - Rebel I Lion (67:54)
[19] Tom Waits - Shore Leave (72:18)

With thanks to the original artists for their music and inspiration.
Support them by buying their music.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Baroque Dub Mixtape Thirty [bdmx0030]

There's no sell by date on quality

This one's more than a little bit special... Beese and Brtschitsch start us off with a slow burning take on the nature of time before we slow things down even more with Chalawa, Creation Rebel and a rare Sir Collins washedelic dub classic. Leroy Smart gets a series of superfluous vocals cuts started, followed by I-Roy's conscious words and the Abyssinians' sweet, sweet harmonies. John Holt's Tribal War, Ernest Wilson, Al Campbell - all great vocalists backed by the best of the best of Jamaica's musicians and producers before Bim Sherman wraps up this round of pure roots gold. We then turn the clock back to the days of rocksteady and early reggae courtesy of Winston Francis, The Freedom Singers and Prince Buster, all reminders that bass culture has a history well worth investigating. This timeless pedigree is more than apparent in The Circle's Mammy Blue - a beautiful groove which flows effortlessly into a more modern offering from Chinese Man. Spy From Cairo spices things up before yet another sublime Richard Dorfmeister mix cranks up the party vibe. The eclectic and highly recommended Fat Beat Sound System bring things right up to date with a cross-cultural dancehall gem then, finally, The Gaylads slip and slide into a never ending, ageless riddim that's at once ska, rocksteady and roots reggae. And did I mention that there's even a hidden track to lull you off to sleep? I hope you enjoy this one as much as i enjoyed making it :)

[01] Beese and Brtschitsch - Time is Like a Horse (00:00)
[02] Chalawa - Picadilly Hop (excerpt) (07:05)
[03] Chalawa - Hop Skip and Jump (08:11)
[04] Creation Rebel - Dub From Creation (13:31)
[05] Sir Collins & His Mind Sweepers - New Cross Fire (17:06)
[06] Leroy Smart - Jah Is My Light (21:24)
[07] I Roy - Wicked Eat Dirt (25:00)
[08] The Abyssinians - Love Comes and Goes (29:32)
[09] John Holt - Tribal War (33:11)
[10] Ernest Wilson - I Know Myself (35:49)
[11] Al Campbell - Take These Shackles (38:54)
[12] Bim Sherman - Judah Dub (42:16)
[13] Winston Francis - Yesterday Me, Yesterday You (45:04)
[14] The Freedom Singers - Get You Off My Mind (47:33)
[15] Prince Buster - Nothing Takes The Place of you (49:42)
[16] The Circles - Mammy Blue (52:30)
[17] Chinese Man (feat. Bionic Man Sound) - Washington Square (55:11)
[18] Spy From Cairo (feat. Alook Mehta) - Zindagi (59:04)
[19] Cutty Ranks & Lightning Head - The Stopper (Richard Dorfmeister Meets Markus Kienzl Vocal) (63:03)
[20] Fat Beat Sound System (feat. Hosni) - Baba Sheriff (67:58)
[21] The Gaylads - Slipping and Sliding (12 inch mix) (72:29)

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Baroque Dub Mixtape Twenty Nine [bdmx0029]

Beats Breaks Bass

There's more than a few surprises on this latest collection of bass-driven selections. Watch the ride - the journey starts with Deepfried Dub on a slightly misleading drum'n'bass orientated tone before Pilah (Dub Addict Sound System) half-times the tempo with Learoy Green's musings on the trials and difficulties of life. An early Black Uhuru chant continues the conscious vibes before a dubstep remix of dubious provenance (Collie Buddz remixed by Goodfellaz?) brings things up to date in the form of a phat slice of prime black vinyl. Dub Li Cut follows up with a new take on a classic riddim which leads neatly into the Dub Syndicate's history lesson. Junkyard represent with a jump-up two parter that sets the scene nicely for the Champion Sound of Dubmatix - one of my favourite tracks at the moment, with a wonderful production which effortlessly mixes a reggae soundsystem sensibility with big beat electronica.

We're well and truly in the world of downtempo lounge by the time we hit Roudoudou's hymn to peace and love. Radar throws in a sprinkling of world music then the Thievery Corporation proves once again why they're such masters of this style of modern, outernational reggae-influenced dance music. The original mix of Big Bud's Runaway is more rootsy than many of his usual uptempo productions (something he should do a lot more of imho!) and things continue to chill out nicely with Jambassa's wonderful contribution to the italian dub community (check out the previous two installments for a taste of some Sardinian techdub).

Neil Sparkes, once of Transglobal Underground, has done much of his best work with the Last Tribe. In recent years he's been travelling Africa recording musicians and returning to his studio to brew up ecletic dub infusions like Afrodisia. A surprisingly uptempo, dare I say it, middle of the road breakbeat number from Múm leads into le Peuple de L'Herbe's Dopebeats. By now the party's reached it's peak and it's time to send everyone home with a reminder of what we're celebrating in the first place - the wonderful healing power of the drums and the bass, as demonstrated perfectly by Linval Thompson's seminal Roots Man Dub.


[01] Deepfried Dub - Submerged (00:00)
[02] Pilah feat. L.Green (Dub Addict) - Conscious Man (04:54)
[03] Black Sounds Uhro (Black Uhuru) - I Love King Selassie (08:38)
[04] Roguestar - Come Around (dubstep remix) (13:03)
[05] Mat Kelly - Equator-x (excerpt) (16:39)
[06] Dub Li Cut - Dreadix (17:17)
[07] Dub Syndicate - Kingston 14 (20:07)
[08] Junkyard Productions - Sister Let Him Go (24:13)
[09] Dubmatix - Champion Sound (30:51)
[10] Roudoudou - Peace Dub and Tranquility (34:56)
[11] Radar - Ya Rayah (40:15)
[12] Thievery Corporation - Warning Shots (44:04)
[13] Big Bud - Runaway (original mix) (47:43)
[14] Dubital - Banana Republic (52:40)
[15] Jambassa - Shining Dub (57:00)
[16] Neil Sparkes and the Last Tribe - Afrodisia (61:47)
[17] Múm - Ad Lie (66:33)
[18] Le Peuple de L'Herbe - Dopebeats (70:55)
[19] Linval Thompson - Roots Man Dub (75:05)

With thanks to the original artists for their music and inspiration.
Support them by buying their music.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Baroque Dub Mixtape Twenty Eight [bdmx0028]

A Universal Sound

More deep dub treasures on this slightly darker than usual instalment in the baroquedub mixtape series. Dancehall vibes, sound system dub plates, dubstep and techdub all make an appearance - and all with more than enough of a roots skank to put a big smile on your face. It's a universal sound, a universal love. Enjoy!


[01] Mikkel Metal - Newson Five (00:00)
[02] Nick Manasseh - The Lion (Version A De Principle) (05:02)
[03] The Twinkle Brothers - Pattoo (08:14)
[04] Scientist - Step It Up (Dan Donovan for Don Letts Dub Cartel remix) (11:06)
[05] Machines Don't Care - Badman (15:30)
[06] Frank Bledermann - Warrior Wasp (Marko Fürstenberg remix) (18:59)
[07] Intrusion - Tswana Dub (Phase90 restructure) (25:56)
[08] A Made Up Sound - Density (29:42)
[09] Sardinia Bass Legalize - Night View (35:08)
[10] Black Uhuru - Rent Man/Rent Board (12" Disco 45 baroquedub re-edit) (39:38)
[11] Thesis - Dub Boy (excerpt) (47:06)
[12] Hi Tech Roots Dynamics - No Root Dub (51:02)
[13] Laroz - Allstar (Kuti remix) (54:51)
[14] Ini Kamoze - World A music (59:26)

With thanks to the original artists for their music and inspiration.
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Friday, January 02, 2009

Baroque Dub Mixtape Twenty Seven [bdmx0027]

Back to my roots

This selection is a strictly rub-a-dub, bass heavy return to basics with a massive collection of roots, reggae and dub anthems. Including not one but three exclusive mixes and covering the usual spectrum from 70s classics to modern day disciples, enjoy this carefully crafted low frequency feast. Big up the baroquedub massive!


[01] Deadbeat - Night Train to Paris (00:00)
[02] Eva Be - into My Blues (feat. Pegah Ferydoni) (04:34)
[03] Molecule - I Dedicate (feat. Nemo) (08:57)
[04] Sardinia Bass Legalize - Leaves (14:04)
[05] Capital Letters - UK Skanking (12" disco mix) (18:50)
[06] Bim Sherman - Golden Locks (26:55)
[07] Ruts DC - Whatever We Dub (30:03)
[08] Sism-X - Land for Everyone (exclusive baroquedub re-dub) (36:00)
[09] Ethnic Fight Band - Pressure Them In Dub (40:07)
[10] Kuba - Give it Time (Indian Summer Mix) (42:32)
[11] Alborosie - Kingston Town (47:55)
[12] Big Youth - Political Confusion (Small Axe) Wood'n'Spoon Remix (50:38)
[13] Jah Shaka - Throne of God (54:18)
[14] Abassi All Stars - Crisis (58:49)
[15] Tippa Irie - Praises / Dubdadda - Screaming terror (baroquedub ROOT021 mash-up) (61:47)
[16] Jahdan Blakkamoore - Varela (66:22)
[17] Wildski - Wonderful World (exclusive baroquedub b-vox mix) (68:49)
[18] The Observer All Stars - Casanova Dub (74:24)
[19] Glen Brown - Do your Thing (77:15)

With thanks to the original artists for their music and inspiration.
Support them by buying their music.

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