Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baroque Dub - It's A Lifestyle Thing (remastered) [bd0008]

Originally released in 1999 (is it really 9 years ago?!) this newly remastered version of the samplelicious classic is finally presented here in all of its unadulterated glory. Predominantly recorded using an AtariST, an E64 sampler and a Mackie mixer these were the days before plug-ins, soft synths and all singing, all dancing timestretching, hard-disk recording DAW's. You can hear the midiverb effects working overtime, the over compressed, over driven buses pumping away, ducking the mix in time to the bass. Let's take it back to the old school!

Conceived as the soundtrack to an imaginary film detailing the exploits of a young man's struggle through the trials of ghetto life, the album is now available as originally intended, in the form of one continuous 54 minute mix.

01. bubble music [00:00]
02. millennium party vibe [03:58]
03. kill for me [07:56]
04. db dub [12:38]
05. le funk [17:17]
06. milton groove [21:06]
07. brown is the new black [25:42]
08. the last of his tribe [30:42]
09. electric city [33:55]
10. king sequence [38:53]
11. call me black [43:46]
12. the comeback special [48:25]

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"The KLF - The Kopyright Liberation Front - Waiting for the rites of Mu"

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