Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Baroque Dub Mixtape Twenty Four [bdmx0024]

Digital Reggae

Inspiration for this 2 year anniversary mixtape comes courtesy of Relaxxx who (like so many before him) got in touch to say that mixtape 5 was his favourite so far - what is it with that techdub compilation?! Well he liked the fact that it was more "electro" than usual which got me thinking about early dancehall, and the fact that I hadn't yet featured that more digital end of the reggae spectrum...

I've crammed in too many classics into this special extended mix to mention each one in turn but a special mention goes to Jah Billah for letting me have a special edition copy of his Locobrigida remix and to Rockamovya - a collective of five musicians spanning the roots of Jamaican reggae and American jazz and who's track 'Warrior Sound' off their new album is destined to be the soundtrack to my summer. Get ready to bop your heads and get set for some sunshine reggae festival magic.


[01] Banco de Gaia - Shanti (Red with white spots edit) [excerpt] (00:00)
[02] Rod Modell - Space Age Mythology [excerpt] (00:43)
[03] Beat Pharmacy - Wata (water) feat. Mutabaruka (02:05)
[04] Clive Hunt and the Dub Dancers - Da Dub Child (09:01)
[05] Prince Douglas - Sunshine Dub (12:16)
[06] Michael Rose - No Burial (16:09)
[07] Nucleus Roots - Militant Dub (20:27)
[08] Jah Shaka meets Pepper - Joyful Dub (25:07)
[09] Rockamovya - Warrior Sound (30:07)
[10] The Abyssinians - Mabrak (36:50)
[11] Professor Grizzly - Fight the Professor (40:32)
[12] Tenor Saw - Pumpkin Belly (43:58)
[13] White Mice - Youths of Today Version (46:52)
[14] Dennis Brown - The Exit (49:43)
[15] Tenastelin - Burial Tonight Version (54:01)
[16] Deepfried Dub - Trouble and Goodwill (57:09)
[17] Two Lone Swordsmen - Beacon Block (64:23)
[18] Jah Billah meets Locobrigida - Stoned on TV (73:02)
[19] Trio El├ętrico - Po Donde Vas feat. Don Caramellow (77:07)

With thanks to the original artists for their music and inspiration.
Support them by buying their music.

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